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About Extreme Sports Trading

Extreme Sports Trading is committed to helping its members achieve strength, balance and flexibility - both mentally and physically. Our gym comprises both cutting-edge equipment and a varied range of nutritional and body building supplements and vitamins, aimed at delivering a holistic approach to fitness and well-being. Here at Extreme Sports Trading, we aim at making available an affordable, no-frills, quality fitness service to the common masses. At Extreme Sports Trading, our experienced, certified trainers are seasoned in exercise prescription and instruction, motivating beginners and gym veterans alike to set, and achieve, individual fitness goals.

With Extreme Sports Trading, you don’t have to worry about any more “Out of Order” signs on your gym equipment, saving costs on repair and maintenance. Create a safe workout environment and limit your liability by going the Extreme Sports way today!

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Health Supplements

Navigating the immense world of training supplements is no easy feat. Choosing the right supplement for your routine is dependent on a range of variables: budget, goals, taste, mixability, safety, ingredients and much more. Whether you’re looking to burn fat, boost your vitamin intake, build muscle or cleanse your body, Extreme Sports has you covered. We have an extensive stock of bodybuilding supplements that are now readily available online and delivered right to your doorstep! For every fitness requirement, think Extreme Sports Trading.

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Used gym products

Most of our clients based in the Middle East looking for used gym equipment do so with a mind to order in bulk. Our warehousing capabilities afford access to a huge array of treadmills, elliptical machines, cross trainers, free weights, benches and racks, and selectorized strength equipment. Once decided, our equipment can be refurbished and prepared for re-sale. Alternatively, customers can purchase our used equipment "as-is" for an even greater discount in pricing. Whatever your requirement, Extreme Sports Trading can do it all!

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Brand new gym products

Your clients demand a high-quality experience when exercising at your gym. They want prompt access to gym equipment and good customer service. We at Extreme Sports Trading strive to do the same for ours. Through our years of work and experience, we are able to provide high-quality products that are known to be durable and cost-effective. Our repeat clients are testament to the Extreme Sports promise of quality — they are convinced that there is no need to buy brand new once they invest in our machines for their fitness facility.

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Technical Services

Extreme Sports Trading employs a number of technically-certified engineers who have years of experience working with a comprehensive range of equipment, working as full-time employees and are on-call should our clients require assistance with any of our products. We undertake gym equipment servicing and repair, painting, re-upholstery, and re-locating machines, sale of spare parts, as well as used and re-furbished machines, and we also do annual maintenance contracts for our clientele, with a 24 to 48-hour response time.

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Jacuzzi and Sauna Setup

Our team of highly-qualified and experienced technicians are driven to help implement spa and wellness equipment requirements, keeping in mind client budget and vision. Extreme Sports conducts a site survey and also does consultation for installing steam rooms, jacuzzis and saunas. We also undertake servicing, maintenance and repair contracts.

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Swimming Pool Setup

Swimming employs your whole body, making use of all muscle groups, and is considered a great way to get fit! Included within our wellness package is the optional add-on of setting up a swimming pool. Extreme Sports Trading will assess all aspects prior to installation – the space required, type of pool requested, materials to be used, and so on. Our swimming pools are known to be durable and are popular among our clientele. We also undertake pool cleaning and on-call maintenance, water-treatment requests, and take on annual maintenance contracts with clients.

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Sports Flooring

Extreme Sports is dedicated to providing the highest-quality sports flooring in the industry with unparalleled levels of customer support available throughout the buying process. Once installed, our high-performance sports surfaces are designed to be durable, resistant to wear and are easy to maintain, offering an uncompromising experience.

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Personal Training

Personal Training is a personal choice at the end of the day. However, having the motivating voice of an experienced trainer pushing you to go beyond your limits on a daily basis is key to getting into shape and hitting those monthly targets and we at Extreme Sports Trading highly recommend adopting a trainer if you’re joining a gym for the first time. Our in-house trainers have years of experience under their belt and are able to foster a range of personality and body types, besides being friendly and approachable human beings!

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